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Welcome to Dustin Massie Numismatist, Inc.

I have been a long-time collector, investor, and dealer beginning in the mid-1960's as a teenager looking through the silver hoard released by the government.  I was mentored by a collector that had put together a near complete collection of US coins during the depression.  As an example of depression prices, his gem proof 1856 Flying Eagle Cent cost $50.  Another influence was a dealer who taught me the value of quality, long before grading services were around.  When I first met him and showed him my penny, nickel, and dime collections, his advice was to sell it all and buy one high quality type coin. I bought a mint state 1798 Large Cent. The advice to seek quality and rarity has served me well over the peaks and valleys of the coin market.

The mission of Dustin Massie Numismatist, Inc. is to bring quality rare and scarce coins to the market.  You will find in our inventory better date mint state Buffalo Nickels and mint state Barber Half Dollars.  In Buffalo Nickels I look for premium strike and luster.  Barber Half dollars have been a favorite of mine going back to the early 1970's when I was a member of the Jacksonville Coin Club.  I was looking for Barber type coins and was introduced to one member who collected only Barbers in full liberty and better.  He sent me to a part time dealer who dealt coins out of a bait shop.  There, I purchased a 1905-O Barber Half for $105 (which later graded MS-65) and launched a longtime interest in Barber Half dollars.  Over the years I have interested a number of collectors in Barber Halves.  First, it is a series that can be completed in high grade mint state.  The Barber Quarters have three coins that are nearly impossible to find, and the Barber Dimes have the impossible 1894-S.  Second, coins are available in both attractive toned or white examples to fit the different tastes.  I, for one, think nothing is more attractive than a matched set.  

Also, in US Gold we have better date $3 Princesses, Early Half Eagles and Eagles, type I and CC Double Eagles, and better date $10 Indians.

  Another specialty is World Gold collector coins.  We have scarce Eight Escudos (Gold Doubloons) from Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, and other Latin American countries.  There are coins from Guatemala, El Salvador, Ecuador, and Brazil.  We have a nice selection of Italian States and Vatican gold coins, and there are a few scarce Romanian coins and Albanian coins. World Gold collector coins are still a great value compared to US Gold when the rarity is considered.

In Territorial Issues, we have a nice selection of Hawaiian coins and Hawaiian Plantation Tokens.

Please contact us or come see us at a show near you.  Check the Upcoming Shows tab at the bottom right side of the Home Page.  We welcome comments, criticism, and offers so do not hesitate to contact us.     

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